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Welcome to C-Suite-Consulting

C-Suite-Consulting is a boutique business and financial advisory firm designed to help fellow CEOs, boards of directors, entrepreneurs, business owners, C-level executives and their financial backers and investors prepare and power up their organizations for growth, increase enterprise value and as necessary, blast through and solve critical business and financial issues and challenges that may be keeping them up at night!  

Ralph Proceviat, CPA, CA 

President, Founder


Running a business is exciting and financially rewarding but full of challenges and risks.  As your strategic CFO, I will  ride shot-gun with you to plug strategic gaps and blind spots in your business model, strategic thinking and montetization plans, not only at the pre-launch stage but also during the growth phases of your business.   

C-Level Executive, Strategic CFO, Business Advisory and Professional Financial Services "On Tap"

If you are an emerging, disruptive tech start-up or a  private or publicly traded company poised for accelerated growth (domestically and in the US), C-Suite-Consulting is here to augment and deepen your executive and financial bench strength to help turn your strategic vision and plans into reality.


Get your company on the path to success by putting the best minds in the world together!


Strategize. Organize. Globalize. Maximize.

My Client Service


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My Client Service Areas
Contract CEO, CFO, Board and Advisory Board Services

Can you benefit from an Innovative, Pragamatic, Tenacious and Results Oriented C-Level Executive and Trusted Financial Professional to help scale your operations and take your company and business to the next level of growth, profitabilty and enterprise value?

Financial Modelling, Cash Flow Management, Business Case Assessments 

Keeping track of your finances is increasingly difficult as your company grows. If you want to remain profitable, it is also important that you effectively plan for and manage the increased flow of money through your business.

Busines Plan Development & Capital Raising Services

Oftentimes entrepreneurs and management find themselves too deep in the thick of things or caught up in the allure and chase of specific and non-core ideas - all at the expense of maintaining the necessary clinical and unemotional perspective needed to drive success. As a result, the business risks drifting away from its original vision and mission. A Business Plan serves as a roadmap & navigational tool for a company's future.

Strategic Planning &  Organizational Structuring  Services

A strong strategic plan helps you protect and strengthen your position in the marketplace by aligning your management team and organizational structure behind one vision.

Going Public Transactions & On-going Regulatory Compliance 

Going public can be an exciting way to raise capital to support growth but get ready to run two companies - one for your customers and employees and one for your shareholders and public regulators. 

Business Advisory Services

Check out my additional financial and business advisory services designed to improve my client's condition.


“Our company was under a critical deadline to provide various third parties with a set of financial statements and a 3-5 year business plan to secure a USD $35 million operating line.  Working closely with Suitable’s CEO and senior management team, Ralph was able to quickly pull together a comprehensive and complex business model which resulted in the company securing the financing needed to drive and support our aggressive growth plans. The financial model has proven to be a valuable strategic tool in assessing, designing and recalibrating our current sales and marketing strategy, identifying the most promising sales channels, highlighting our organizational capabilities, setting operating cost levels, analyzing product pricing and costing, determining our financial readiness and valuing the enterprise for future financings.  


As part of his engagement, Ralph in his acting CFO capacity has been front and center in developing a distribution agreement for distributors and resellers operating in Europe and India to support our international expansion.  Ralph’s extensive C-Level leadership experience, business, financial and operational acumen, ability to quickly grasp the nuances of our business and his willingness to hit the road running 24/7 has been a blessing welcomed throughout the entire organization. His wit, sense of humor and creativity makes working with Ralph, enjoyable and unique.”

Bo Preising, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer and SVP, Engineering, Suitable Technologies, Inc. Palo Alto, CA 

 February  2019


Ready to discover more?

If you want to learn how connecting & teaming up with Ralph and C-Suite Consulting can help you Strategize, Organize, Globalize and Maximize and solve issues that may be keeping you up at night, I would love to hear from you.

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