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Ralph Proceviat has more than 30 years of business experience spanning a number of industries including high tech, software development, telecommunications, manufacturing, financial services, banking, retail/wholesale distribution, entertainment and real estate development and brokerage. 


Since earning his CPA, CA designation with Coopers & Lybrand - now Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), Ralph has held various CEO and CFO positions and board appointments with publicly traded and privately held organizations operating throughout the United States and Canada.  Over his professional and business career, as a results-oriented C -Level executive and financial professional, Ralph's vision, leadership, operational and business acumen have driven and generated revenue gains, growing profits and increased enterprise value for several companies and clients.


Building on his deep experience supporting Boards, Investors and C-suite executives, Ralph provides consulting and contract / interim C-level executive management and business advisory services to C-level executives, boards of directors, entrepreneurs and investors looking to expand domestically and internationally.    


Ralph provided financial modelling, business advisory and operational consulting services to Suitable Technologies Inc. of Palo Alto California.  His involvement resulted in the company securing a USD $35 million operating line in January 2016 to support a major marketing and sales campaign for its leading line of remote telepresence systems known as Beam.  

For an Ottawa based client, as contract CFO, he led the creation of a detailed business plan and financial model which resulted in the CEO raising approx. CND $6.7 million in funding for an oil trading consortium servicing tankers and ships traversing the Panama Canal and eastern coastal ports of South America  (Feb 2015 to May 2018). 


Since 2005, Ralph has been President of Level Ten Corporate Services, Inc. ("Level Ten"). Amongst his numerous interim executive roles provided through Level Ten, he was Chief Financial Officer of a San Diego based 3G/4G wireless router manufacturer, from 2009-2012.  Successful in raising approximately CND $7 million in equity and debt in a tough market during the financial crisis and the meltdown of the financial markets in 2007-2008.


From 2007-2013, Ralph was also President of Level 10 Capital Corp.  ("Level 10"). Level 10  was a Vancouver based private firm established to assess business opportunities in the high tech, real estate and resource sectors.  Level 10 distinguished itself by providing and facilitating access to sources of capital and executive talent to fuel and support target companies poised for accelerated growth and/or contemplating a major transformation focused on increasing shareholder value.   

From 2001-2005, Ralph was Chairman and President of ThrillTime Entertainment International, Inc., a dual listed publicly traded company. Through its U.S.-based subsidiaries, ThrillTime held the worldwide patents to two thrill rides (Skycoaster) operating in 70 theme park sites around the world.  Negotiated the settlement of USD $6.8 million in legacy debt for pennies on the dollar.


From 1997-2000, he was CFO for a software based real estate marketing firm generating sales of $200 million per year for a major client, Intrawest.  Evolved into and Operating as S&P Real Estate Corp.


From 1986-1994 Ralph was the CEO of Cue Datawest, one of Canada`s largest software developers providing banking services and products for the credit union system. While at Datawest (now operating as Open Solutions Canada) he led the rebuilding of the company, including the funding and development of a $75 million banking system project that has been installed throughout the world.  Datawest processed approximately 10 million banking transactions and 1 million ATM/shared cash transactions per month on behalf of its 400,000 credit union members.     

Ralph is a Chartered Professional Accountant (Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) alumni) and member in good standing with the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) and CPA Canada and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Management Information Systems) degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada.



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