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Financial Modelling, Cash Flow Management and Business Case Assessments

A key driver of profitable growth is having strong financial management in place to measure results. 

In today’s fast-paced world, conditions and competitors are constantly changing. A strong financial management system and financial model helps management manage cash flow, monitor performance and make informed and timely decisions about the business.

When the status quo is no longer an option, your business model and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, CRM software, Accounting System, HR System and Technology infrastructure including cyber security protection must evolve to ensure your company remains relevant and profitable. 

As a professional accountant and strategic CFO, Ralph Proceviat is an expert in working with Excel and Google Sheets (via the cloud) and can quickly help you strengthen your finance organization while targeting specific areas in need of development due to company growth. 


Areas of expertise where we can help:

  • Setting measurable goals for your business finances, make sense of your financial data

  • Cash flow forecasting, budgeting and cash flow management for future growth

  • OPx Budgeting

  • Capital Budgeting and investment analysis including exploring various capital funding option that best meets your business needs

  • Financial planning, modelling and reporting that will:

    • Estimate the Amount of Capital Required to Support Growth

    • Determine the Optimal Capital Structure​

    • Provide Sources and Utilization of Funds

    • Faciliate Management of Cash and Financial Controls

    • Track Financial Performance in a timely manner

  • Ensuring achievement of company objectives in operational effectiveness, reliable financial reporting and compliance with regulations and policies as a publicly traded and private company

  • Product Costing and Pricing to maximize profitability

  • Financial process optimization and streamlining

  • Strengthening specific financial areas your company needs to improve

  • Risk Management analysis and reviewing internal control processes 

  • Interpreting financial data to make sound business decisions

  • Establishing the tools and processes to sustain business growth 


Together we can rapidly design and stress test a transformative business and financial management system and model that will enhance your competitiveness. 


My approach includes:

  • rethinking each element of your current business model and value proposition;

  • helping you reinvent or pressure test your business model to seize new and exciting transformative opportunities and scale your business to support accelerate growth: 

  • identifying your most pressing internal and external challenges;

  • tracking industry KPI’s and benchmarks to analyze how your business is performing compared to the industry

  • exploring options of alternative business models to seize new market opportunities (e.g.: new technology, product or service) or solve pressing problems (e.g.: loss of market share, unexpected competition, disruptive technology)

  • testing the potential of alternative business models with real clients, rapidly and inexpensively

  • designing and scaling a validated business model that will generate maximum benefits and become a source of competitive advantage

  • compiling evidence to attract potential strategic partners

  • designing a scalable business model

  • developing a plan to implement your scalable business model in increments

  • reviewing progress of iterative and incremental execution

  • setting up a process so you can continuously manage the evolution of your business model.

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